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Start the new school year off with some music lessons! We have the best instructors in DFW. Open since 2003!


Its our TEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!!! To celebrate we are offering new students a Buy 4 lessons get 4 FREE! for a limited time! we are also having an open house sept 19th from 1-4pm.


Attention All local bands , ages 17 years old and younger, How would you like to have your band perform on the MAIN stage at GEXA Energy Pavillion June 13th and get paid $200!?? We want you to put together a tribute act of your fav band, and the winning band will open up Jacks Throwback! Have fun, get creative. To be considered Video tape a song of your performance and send us the link to our facebook page. Good Luck!


Big Big Announcement coming soon!!! stay tuned for details!!!


Come and see why we have one of the best music/band programs in DFW. Our ALL STAR band will be performing at Southlake Octoberfest, Saturday, Oct 4th at 7:30 with ac/dc tribute Back in Black


We are proud to announce that beginning in May , we will be offering DJ Lessons!! Sign up special - first 4 lessons only $99


Happy Holidays Everyone!. Our Next Student Concert will Be Saturday Jan 11th at the Starwood Studios 2pm


Congrats to our All Star Band Profectus, they entered our competitors Battle of the Bands held at the Southlake Octoberfest and won!


This month we are forming new dedicated bands for the best band program in DFW!


Next week our former Jr All Star band- now called the Robotix will perform on Americas Got Talent!


BIG CONGRATS to our former Jr All Star Band, they are finalists for the NBC TV Show Americas Got Talent!

They will perform live in NYC at Radio City Music HAll in August!

Heres a video of them performing at our Student concert at House of Blues


Summer Camps - Southlake Location

DJ/Electronic Music Saturday Aug 14th 1-4pm

Record Camp - Monday Aug 12th 5-9pm

Drews Guitar Shred Boot Camp Tuesdays July 23, 30 and Aug 6th 6-7pm


Happy Summer! How about returning to school this Fall and telling your friends you can now play guitar?

sign up for lessons today! We will announce a date for our summer concert and record camp shortly

You Must Choose, But Choose Wisely...

For a monthly fee of $159, our program includes thirty minutes of private lessons per week. We also invite them to perform in our quarterly concerts. We'll form them into bands and give them the opportunity to perform the material they've been practicing in front of a live audience at some of DFW's top clubs.

Each new student is evaluated to determine the elements that will greatly contribute to their success and ensure that they are placed with the instructor that best suites their needs.  As a result, each student feels like an active participant in setting their goals, selecting their music and become more invested in their learning process.

FTATR school realizes that not everything can be learned in the classroom and that students need the experience of learning by doing!  In addition to weekly private lessons, we have several performance programs that offer students performance opportunities at real rock venues such as The House Of Blues, Sambuca 360, Maximedia Studios, as well as high profile events at  Grapefest, Southlake Town Square and Main Street Days!


Guitar & Bass

Absolute beginner to advanced.  Ages 8 and up.  
Schedule: Mon, Tue,Wed, Thur 3- 9pm,  Sat  11- 5pm

For your first lesson, bring in your favorite songs and we will immediately begin teaching you how to play the different parts. We know first hand that when you first pick up your guitar or bass you want to immediately start playing. We've figured out a way to simplify and eliminate the frustration and most importantly have fun.  As the students progress we start explaining underlying music theory and teach scales to build finger strength. Our goal is to help the students develop their ear to recognize the changes in the music, that's when they become a true musician.


Absolute beginner to advanced.  Ages 8 and up.
Schedule: Mon, Tue,Wed, Thur 3- 9pm

Students are encouraged to bring in their favorite songs and begin learning the basic beats as they play along.  Our drum rooms include two drum kits so our students can sit side by side with their instructor.  We have found that this is a very fun and efficient way to teach.  As the students progress they are also taught the rudiments to help round out their skills.   



Absolute beginner to advanced.  Ages 8 and up.  
Schedule: Mon, ,Wed, Thur 3- 9pm,   Sat  11- 5pm

We are anti traditional when it comes to our piano lessons. For piano we also encourage our students to begin their  lessons by learning a favorite song.  We will simplify the parts so the student has immediate satisfaction.  This method has had tremendous results.  Our goal is to develop the students ear so they can recognize the changes and not ever have to rely on sheet music.  Theory will be explained in a fun and easy manner all while working on the students favorite songs.



Absolute beginner to advanced.  Ages 8 and up.  
Schedule: Southlake Mon -Wed,  3- 9pm,   Plano Tues and Thursday 3-9pm

Our vocal students our taught all the essential skills, to help expand vocal range , tone and stamina.  The students are also coached in stage presence and delivery to prepare for the quarterly House of Blues concerts.



Performance Band Program

Additional Cost $49/month for students currently enrolled in lessons, or $99 for students not enrolled for lessons

intermediate to advanced.  ( need instructor approval) Ages 8 and up.  
Schedule: Fri  3 -9pm  Sat  12- 6pm  (45 min) 

Students are grouped into bands based on their ability and age.  They then choose a song to rehearse and prepare for our concerts.  We have the best band program around, our students get to perform on the main stage at the House of Blues.  We feel it very important to give our students a goal and have them experience what performing is all about.

We also perform at Sambuca 360, Six Flags, Grapevine's Main street days, Grapefest, and other festivals .

Beginner Band Program

Additional Cost $49/month for students currently enrolled in lessons, or $99 for students not enrolled for lessons.

Beginner   Ages 7 and up.  Schedule: Sunday 2-5pm (60 min)


This is a our new band program for our absolute beginners.  Students will learn all the fundamentals of being in a band and will have fun as they work their way up to our performance band program. Beginner band will compliment the private lessons by giving the student a hands on experience.


Adult Band Program

Additional Cost $49/month for students currently enrolled in lessons, or $99 for students not enrolled for lessons

Adults Only.  Schedule: Southlake - Sunday Afternoons


This is our great new program for our adult students. One hour Rehearsals will be Sunday Afternoons.  Special concerts will be scheduled for the Adult bands